How To Care For Your Moissanite Engagement Ring

By GeraldOchoa

Can I wear my engagement ring when exercising? 

A determination based solely upon your private decision and the sort of exercising you are performing. Particular types of exercise, like weight lifting or get sports, pose a greater risk of harm to your ring in contrast to people such as jogging or biking, which — together with the right care — ought to be perfectly secure for the ring. Be mindful your moissanite engagement ring is a bit of fine jewellery so it is very fragile. If you are even slightly concerned about the protection of your Wedding Rings if exercising it is ideal to eliminate your own ring. In case you choose to use your ring make certain you take appropriate safety precautions, then it would be profoundly upsetting if your engagement ring have been damaged or lost.

Can I wear my engagement ring whilst swimming?

Spray your ring in warm water is perfectly safe, but both chlorine and sodium chloride (NaCL) from salt water will stay on the rings surface which may lead to discolouring of valuable metals and sometimes a small break from your rings placing. Additionally, keep in mind that cold water ends in a fall in the own body temperature, causing your hands to psychologist, posing a danger of your ring slipping off your hands. Generally, swimming in a cold pool or pool is not perfect for the moissanite or laboratory diamond engagement ring and we would always recommend that, where possible, you eliminate your ring prior to doing this to protect against any harm or loss.

Are there any other occasions I should remove my ring?

Moissanite is one of the most difficult minerals on earth, ranking 9.25 about the MOHs hardness scale next only to diamonds, meaning that the rock is highly scratch resistant and unaffected by daily use. Particular household activities like cooking, cleaning, DIY and gardening may pose a threat to a engagement ring. By way of instance, very similar to diamonds regular household options can create a build up of movie impacting your moissanite stones glow, or your ring can be pumped or scraped during labor intensive housework.

Again, if you opt to remove your ring for these actions is down to a private decision on if you perceive the action to be secure to your ring. If you do not feel comfortable wearing your ring, then take off it. In the end, sporting your prized ring for these actions is not worth the danger of damaging or losing your extremely valuable engagement ring.

Where should I keep my engagement ring whilst it isn’t being worn?

Always be certain that you keep your ring someplace secure and memorable. We advocate keeping fine jewelry, like the moissanite ring, at a cloth lined instance to minimise the danger of damage. Should you have a lot of jewelry we propose having a case featuring a number of compartments to stop different bits damaging your prized engagement ring.

How do I clean my moissanite engagement ring at home?

Fixing your moissanite engagement ring is easily performed in your home. Only boil the ring in warm water with a mild soap and then gently wash with a soft cloth or toothbrush, paying attention to clean those difficult to reach places. Once wash, rinse off any soap residue and then dry using a lint-free fabric for a newly sparkling moissanite ring.

Prevent cleaning your ring using harsh chemicals, since this may lead to rust to a rings delicate atmosphere. If your ring does need a deeper clean pick a commercial jewelry cleaner, non-toxic and non-abrasive, especially devised for moissanite. Ammonia is more safe to use and may succeed in cleansing moissanite rings at a solution of 1 part ammonia into 1-2 parts water.

Should I have my engagement ring professionally cleaned?

Getting your moissanite ring professionally washed is a brilliant thought. We recommend getting your ring deep-cleaned professionally at least once every year to eliminate any organic build up, maximise sparkle and brilliance and expand your rings life. Many jewellers offer over-the-counter jewelry cleaning, together with the choice for ultrasonic cleaning available for people possessing a moissanite ring. That is where sound waves have been paired using a cleaning solvent to make extreme vibrations to efficiently eliminate build up from the gems to get a gorgeous shimmering finish. However, an alternate technique of specialist cleaning is better if your ring comes with a delicate setting or other milder diamonds.