How to make your wedding photo booth amazing

By GeraldOchoa

Do you want your wedding day as stress-free and enjoyable as possible? Simple Booth HALO is a great option. With a little planning and a bit of luck, your photo booth will run smoothly.

Pick the ideal location

Your wedding photo booth should be located in an area that is frequented by people, such as near the bar or on the dance floor. It’s important that all your guests are able to see the booth from wherever they will be using it. Your guests won’t use the photo booth if they don’t have a clear view.

Sometimes, the venue coordinator may try to convince you to place your photo booth somewhere that nobody can find it. You shouldn’t allow them to do it! People need to see others having fun and want more photos and participation.

Your photo booth will draw attention

It’s easy to get the photo booth up and running, just like the dance party. To get the photo booth started, invite your DJ, emcee, and wedding party. Then, other guests will be able to join in.

To remind guests where the photo booth is located and encourage them to use it, place reminders and signage throughout the venue.

The best thing is to have a photo booth that catches the attention of all your guests.

The photo booth at your wedding should be inviting. The booth should be brightly lit and match the theme of your wedding. Your wedding photo booth should be another element of your reception venue that guests will see and comment on.

Create a photo booth backdrop that is unique

Your wedding photo booth needs the right backdrop. It will be used in every wedding photo, so it should be attractive and catchy.

A simple backdrop can work just as well as a plain colored background. If you want your personality to shine through, add decorations to bring out your style.

Do you have a blank wall? Here are some suggestions:

  • Wallpapers that are fun and removable
  • Hanging fabric
  • Vinyl decals
  • Fringe curtains
  • Hanging fresh flowers (or a wall of flowers)

You can make your outdoor wedding and reception a natural backdrop by using the natural beauty surrounding you. To create a simple photo booth scene, you can hang frames from nearby trees.

You are looking for something more complicated? For a rustic yet elegant backdrop, combine four wooden pallets. Decorate it with flowers. Reclaimed wood can be used in the same way.

Rustic elegance doesn’t need to be perfect. Make sure to not leave any nails exposed!

Pick your props carefully

People love to grab props for photos in the photo booth. Your props will be the focal point of your photos so make sure they are a joy to use! Many times, photo booth rentals companies offer different options or will accept requests for certain types of props.

Props can be messy. You can also go minimal and rely solely on digital props. Digital props can be used as Snapchat filters in your photo booth. Your wedding guests will love choosing stickers and graphics that can track their faces on GIFs and videos.

You can stream a live feed of photos

Do you plan to show a slideshow of your wedding?

You can do double duty with that big screen by having a live feed from the wedding photo booth. Your guests and you will have a lot of fun at the photo booth.

People love to see their images appear on the big screen in real time. It will also encourage guests to join in the fun!

Allow guests to easily share

You will want to take physical photos for your guests (and yourself) to keep. However, it is also fun to share those incredible shots on social media.

The wedding photo booth should offer guests an easy way for them to upload their photos online.

Simple Booth HALO allows your guests to instantly receive photos right to their phones. They can share their photos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their post will contain the title, description and hashtag as well as the branding of your wedding.

An online gallery can also be used to store your photos. You can also upload custom banners or links to your wedding website. Your ex won’t notice you, your gallery can be made public or private to protect your privacy.

You can schedule open and closed hours

A wedding reception can be a busy place. Toasts, special dances and bouquet tosses are just a few of the many things that take place at a wedding reception.

You might want your guests to have fun and laugh in the photo booth. Sometimes you want guests to be focused on the dancing floor. Your guests should know when the wedding photo booth will close.

Wild laughter shouldn’t interrupt a romantic first dance as a married couple.

A DJ or emcee can be a great resource for keeping guests on track. You can remind your guests when the best time to use the photobooth is: after dinner, cocktail hour or during dinner.