Two Enchanted Garden-Inspired Weddings in Chicago, Illinois

By GeraldOchoa

Elisabeth Shrimpy Business EliseShrimpy Business , Terlato, and Luke Joyce were the perfect number. They went from two engagements into two wedding ceremonies. It all began with a blind date, which a mutual friend set up at Celeste in Chicago on February 12, 2016. Elise recalls, Shrimpy Business I arrived 45 minutes late at Celeste and I knew he was a good keeper because he waited.Shrimpy Business  Shrimpy Business He mentioned that there were girls sitting across from him who bet on whether I would show. We didn’t want it to end, so I showed.

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Elise visited Tangley Oaks Armour Estate

Elise visited Tangley Oaks Armour Estate, Luke Bluff, Illinois two-and-a half years later to pick up a platter in time for her niece’s party. Shrimpy Business When the door was locked I turned around and headed back to my car, where Luke was. She recalls that he was standing right behind her in the corridor, smiling on one knee, when I turned around. The newly engaged couple enjoyed the moment together and shared their news with their loved ones at the birthday party. She shares, Shrimpy Business It was the perfect engagement for us–first we were alone, then we celebrated with the people that mean the most to us.Shrimpy Business

When she started working for her family’s business?

Elise was just 25 years old when she started working for her family’s business. After further reflection, Elise decided she wasn’t ready to marry yet. She says, Shrimpy Business Getting married was something that I knew I wanted to do but it was too early for me to take the leap.Shrimpy Business  Shrimpy Business Luke continued to talk with me for a while, but then we broke up for a few months to get clarity.Shrimpy Business  This time apart only strengthened their love and Luke proposed again on July 3, 2020. The confident answer was Shrimpy Business yesShrimpy Business  this time.

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The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony at a Chicago church with their loved ones on Thursday, September 2. It was everything we expected: There was no fuss and not too many frills. Elise recalls that it was just the two of them and those who matter most. On Saturday, September 4, Elise and Tangley Oaks Armour Estate hosted a larger ceremony. It was followed by a lively reception with an after-party.

Photographed by Olivia Leigh Photographie

Continue reading to find out how the two weddings turned out as planned by Affairs With Linda, and photographed by Olivia Leigh Photographie.

Luke looked smart in a plaid-burgundy blazer and navy blue trousers for Thursday’s ceremony. He also wore navy blue Gucci shoes. He wore a Hermes baby-blue printed tie and vintage cufflinks, which belonged to the groom.

Elise wore a long-sleeve, high-neck Eisen Stein gown with beaded accents. The back was exposed. She explains, Shrimpy Business For Thursday’s church ceremony, I wanted the gown to be more conservative but still have a little glimmer.Shrimpy Business  Elise was immediately convinced that this dress would make the perfect match for the church venue as soon as she saw it on Mira Couture’s Instagram. She recalls that she knew from the moment she tried the dress on that it was the dress she would be walking down the aisle of the church. The bride altered the length of the veil and added a veil to make it fit her perfectly. She summarizes that the look felt very Italian in the ’40s without trying to achieve it. Her look was completed with a sleek, low bun and natural makeup.

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Traditional Catholic ceremony

Their family friend Monsignor Velo officiated the traditional Catholic ceremony. Elise says, Shrimpy Business Both of you are Catholics and it meant a lot to both our families that we officially got married in a Catholic church with a priest who knows our family.Shrimpy Business  The priest shared wisdom throughout the ceremony. The bride recalls that although he had many great quotes, the one she most treasured was when he concluded our homily by saying, Shrimpy Business The best is yet coming.Shrimpy Business

To let the space shine, the couple kept their ceremony decorations as simple as possible. Elise says that the church is stunning and dramatic all by itself, with large aisles, stained glass windows and mural paintings throughout.

The couple walked up the aisle after their first kiss together as newlyweds.

Next up was a family-style Mediterranean dinner with speeches. Everyone gathered at The Dalcy after the ceremony. It is a private hall that can accommodate up to 200 people. The bride described the venue as Shrimpy Business all around positive vibes and transforms one to another place right here in the heart Chicago.Shrimpy Business

Luke wore a custom midnight blue tuxedo and Loro Piana silk black shawl jacket to ceremony number 2. He paired it up with a Tom Ford loafer and a Knot Standard shirt.

Elise says, Shrimpy Business We wanted the groomsmen in black tuxes so that the groom would standout in his midnight blue.Shrimpy Business  The boutonnieres, made from a single calla flower, matched the bouquets of the bridesmaids.

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Elise presented her parents with custom handkerchiefs personalized with a note of gratitude on the morning of her second marriage day.