Medieval Wedding Dress

For a themed wedding, a dress with historical and medieval wedding dress design elements would be a great choice. You can combine several elements to make a unique wedding gown.

Gowns for Medieval Brides in Romantic Style

It is fitting that your wedding gown should reflect the theme of your medieval ceremony. You can have a full-blown Medieval themed wedding or incorporate elements from that era in your nuptials. Make sure your gown is fitting for your vision.


The wedding attire of medieval women often reflected what they wore. A typical medieval bride didn’t have an extravagant wedding dress. You can emulate the medieval wedding dress style of a noble or royal gown if you wish to imitate it. Rich fabrics such as burgundy, navy, green, purple, and navy made with velvet or other rich fabrics are recommended. Contrary to today’s strapless trend, medieval brides wore long sleeves. Corset-style dresses were also popular in the latter half of that period. A simple tunic and a braided belt can give your wedding clothes a rustic feel, much like the medieval peasant dress.

  • Lace bodice
  • Wrap decorative ribbons or bands made of cloth around the neck and sleeves.
  • Over the dress, wear a long coat or cape
  • Form-fitting bodice and larger skirt

These elements can be incorporated into your wedding gown to give it a medieval touch without having to wear a theme wedding dress. A long-sleeved white gown with purple accents and gold braided waistband would be a great way to combine modern and medieval styles.

Accessorize your Wedding Dress Attire

To give your medieval wedding gown a unique feel, you can add accessories to it. You can find pearl, gold, and silver necklaces, bracelets, and headpieces that match your theme. You might find the best jewelry at the store where you bought your dress.

A tiara on the head might be a good choice for brides who wish to reflect a dress royal wedding. A circlet of flowers might be worn on the head of brides who wear a simpler medieval dress for their wedding.

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