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Your closest and dearest have seen the ring and are now smitten. You are now on cushy cloud nine, bottom first.

It’s time to start planning your wedding! You will cheer with joy, clipboard in your hand, and colour schemes in your brain. Others may feel overwhelmed by the enormity of what lies ahead.

Don’t worry if you’re a groomzilla or bridezilla. Anges de Sucre is a way to take one thing off your plate (but not your dessert plate). You’ve seen it. The wedding cake is the crowning glory on your big day. Your wedding cake is the centerpiece of your day. Although you might think this is a bit exaggerated, many couples consider their cake to be more than just a dessert.

It’s all part and parcel of the day’s romance. No matter if you are getting married in a large venue with 500 guests or in a cozy pub with close friends, it doesn’t matter. You will remember the cake for many years.


It can be a great source of inspiration for your wedding cake. It could be a grand hotel. Is it a rustic barn?

The style and flavor of your dessert may also be affected by the wedding breakfast that you choose. Although you don’t want to have a themed wedding, it is a good idea to keep things simple in terms of colour and styling. Before you decide on the design of your wedding cake, we recommend that you choose your venue and menu. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything must be identical, but it can help you design the perfect wedding cake.


You might be extremely organized and have a Pinterest board for wedding cakes or a mood board. Or you may have found the perfect cake in one of the wedding magazines or blogs that you have been reading over the past few months. When choosing the right person for your wedding cake, ensure you have seen their work and are familiar with what to expect.

Each cake designer is unique. You shouldn’t be surprised to see them refusing to replicate another bakery’s designs. Anges de Sucre will work closely with your to design the wedding cake of your dreams. However, we won’t ever copy another person’s work. You need to be original, so make sure you choose the right cake designer.


Newsflash Weddings can be expensive. According to Brides Magazine, the average wedding in the UK costs around PS30,000. Wow. Wow.

How much should you pay for your wedding cake, exactly? How long is a string of string people? (What an annoying saying!) The smallest of our wedding cakes starts at PS160, but can go up to well over PS650. This cake will cost you more than any other sweet treat you have ever eaten, regardless of who your professional baker is. Why? You’re paying for their creativity, time, love, and artistic talent.

Be open with your cake maker about the budget. They will be able create a custom design that doesn’t break the bank once they have an idea of their budget. You will get the best price for your money if you are open and honest. Don’t be afraid of them trying to “shortchange” you by offering a lower design or charging more than you are willing to pay. All cake makers know that savvy brides and Grooms will ask for at least five quotes. They also know that they are competing to create your dream cake, so it is in their best interest to give you suggestions on how to best cater to your budget.


Book as soon as possible if you are certain of the bakery you wish to work with, and you love their cakes. Most couples plan their weddings about a year ahead of the actual event. It’s best to book your appointment as soon as possible.

Wedding cakes can be very intricate and specific so don’t settle for anything less than the best. Get in touch with your preferred bakery as soon as possible to discuss the details and determine if they can create what you want.


You don’t need to have a huge cake to serve all your wedding guests (especially if you invited 401 more people), but it should be impactful.

Before ordering your wedding cake, you should have an idea of how many people you are inviting. Don’t wait until everyone RSVPs before you order! So you can select the right size. You will also get an indication of the price, so you can budget accordingly.

When there are around 120 people, couples will choose one of our tiers. If necessary, we can add cupcakes or smaller cut cakes to this. Two tiers are ideal for a intimate affair.

Anges de Sucre loves big cakes. Our cakes can be kept fresh for up five days. They make great post-wedding breakfasts, lunches, and snacks …..!


A person might have said fruit cake ……zzzzzz. Although many couples choose heavy, traditional fruit cakes for their wedding cakes, how many actually enjoy it? Have you ever thought, “Ooh, I really want a piece thick old stodgy cake?”

We like to be different. If you are looking for nuts, raisins and other fruity goodies, then we may not be the right crew.

Three flavours are available: red velvet, chocolate mud cake and vanilla bean. This delicious trio was chosen for many reasons. They are delicious together and can be eaten on their own. These flavours are simple, modern, crowd-pleasing, and delicious. You can choose from a wide range of buttercream flavors and get design, scrumptiousness, and a flavour overload all in one bite.


We have one question for you if you’re one of those rare people who hates cakes: Have you ever seen a doctor? We get it. Not every couple likes cake. Although we think you are crazy, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

There are many options available these days. There are many options. You can choose cupcakes, which we still love, or savoury cheesecakes. But what about guests who don’t want blue cheese all evening? We have even seen tiered pork pie (which we weren’t impressed with).

We offer many alternatives to traditional cakes, including our croquembouche cake. These cakes are beautiful and delicious, and will be a stunning centrepiece for your wedding reception.


Imagine a typical wedding cake. Close your eyes. There are three to four tiers, the bride and groom, and layers upon layers of fondant icing. Close your eyes and picture your guests’ dessert plates. Have you ever been to a wedding or birthday and had to peel the fondant icing off in order to reach the sponge? We’re betting quite a few!

Fondant icing can be made into any shape you like, but it is not the best. There are many great bakers who can create this look if it is something you truly desire. We are happy to discuss cake ideas with you if you prefer buttercream over sugar paste. You can read our previous post about the pros and cons for each decorative style.


Double check, triple check, and check again to make sure your chosen bakery is able to deliver your wedding cake to the correct venue. This may sound absurd, but it has been a problem for some couples.

Although you might think that you can save money by picking up the cake yourself, or having someone else do it for you, have you ever considered the logistics of transporting a three- or four-tier cake? It’s hard. Depending on the distance and time notice, most good wedding cake manufacturers will deliver your cake. Delivery within Central London starts at PS0. We have our own transport and drivers. We do have cake and can travel further!


You don’t have to stress about wedding planning. Why not order your cake online instead? It’s much easier than going to different bakeries and getting confused by all the options.

You can choose who you want to bake your cake. Then, check if they are available online and begin a dialogue. It is much easier for both sides and relieves you of one more thing. It’s also easier to reference back to a written dialogue. We understand how chaotic organising the big event can be, and we don’t want any more.

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