How do I buy a Bridal Shops Wedding Dress?

By GeraldOchoa

Tali and Roberta share their top tips with Rudy & Marta on how to buy a wedding dress

Our third anniversary of The Bridal Finery is fast approaching. The boutique is not new, but the owners are. Tali and Roberta are both experienced in styling brides as well as bridal fashion. Listen to their advice on how to choose a wedding gown. They are considered to be the industry’s experts and the “go-to” for Bridal Shops Wedding Dress advice and tips on all matters wedding fashion.

How do you source your dresses?

Our dresses for The Bridal Finery, Now by The Bridal Finery are sourced from boutiques and designers. All of our wedding dresses have been hand-picked with the highest quality in mind. For our custom-made collections at The Bridal Finery, we work directly with designers. We partner with boutiques across the country to make it possible to order off-the-rack dresses at Now by TBF.

Are There Other Brides Looking at Dresses At the Same Time As My Appointment?

The bridal appointment experience takes place in a private setting. It is a private experience that we love to make for you and your friends. We open The Bridal Finery for appointments only. The owners will style you and take you through the dresses. You have two hours to enjoy the collection and be styled by owners. Personal and intimate!

Are You Too Young or Too Old to Buy a Wedding Dress?

It’s impossible to be too early. There are many custom options available and it will take some time to make any alterations. It is nice to have extra time to ensure everything is in order before the big day.

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing when and how they want to shop for their wedding gown. It’s normal to feel anxious. Reach out to us. We’re here to help. Ask us questions, and you’ll be less anxious about the first step in your search for a wedding dress.

What is the average time it takes to alter?

We prefer to begin 2-3 months prior to your wedding date. Personalizing the dress is something we love. You can add a detail strap or sleeve to the dress, or lower the backline. These changes can take some time. Standard alteration is available if you don’t want to personalize your dress. This includes a hem and bustle, as well as taking in the sides. It takes approximately two months. Rush options are available for a two-week turnaround by our seamstress.

Does a particular silhouette work for a certain body type?

We don’t believe in judging people based on their body types. Your personal style is far more important to us than your body type. Find out where you shop most often. Do you feel more confident wearing a v-neck for everyday clothing than a sleeveless top? Do you prefer to wear the most fashionable color or neutrals? Quality wedding dresses fit perfectly. Our boutique allows you to be more focused on your personal style, and less on what flatters. It is simple because our dresses fit well. There are some silhouettes that work for everyone. A mermaid is one such example. Although ballgowns are not easy to wear, they can be very flattering. We’ll help you find the perfect dress. We don’t believe in defining your body with different kinds of fruit… pear-shaped. You will be surprised at the silhouette!

What are the Best Time to Look at Bridal Accessories

We believe in showing clients the entire look. We will show you three different looks when we find the perfect dress. You shouldn’t buy a wedding gown without looking at the accessories. The whole look is important for photos. You can choose to buy accessories or not. There are many other choices, so if you do find the right pieces, order them. We are happy to make additional appointments if you prefer to take things one by one. We are always available to assist!

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

You don’t need anything else. You can bring Spanx, bras and pedestal along with beverages. Just don’t come hungry. You should eat something. We will pin your hair down if it is in a ponytail. We recommend styling your hair for your bridal appointment if you don’t want your hair up on your wedding day.

Are You a professional seamstress in your home?

Yes! The boutique’s seamstress handles all fittings so someone from The Bridal Finery may be included. We are keen to participate and help the seamstress with all the details we discussed during our initial visit. We can be your second pair of ears. We all work together to ensure your happiness! All the necessary alteration fittings are coordinated by us.

What are the Things You Should Expect when You Shop for a Wedding Dress

You can expect to find your perfect wedding dress. This was made easy by us. You can choose how many you want to try. We’re always available to help you with whatever you want. We all work together to achieve it! Bring an open mind, and you will find it!

What number of people should I bring with me?

We recommend 3-4 guests. Everybody is unique. Do what you feel is right. Some people feel that 4 to 6 guests is too many, while others find it sufficient. Are you more comfortable shopping alone or with large groups? If you are not comfortable with the idea of inviting large groups, don’t allow anyone to pressure you. We can help find the right dress for you, order it, and invite everyone back to reveal it at a later date.

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