How to Purchase a Bridal Dress from a Bridal Store

By GeraldOchoa

How to Purchase a Bridal Dress from a Bridal Store

Tali and Roberta discuss the best Bridal Store way to purchase a wedding gown with Rudy and Marta, wedding photographers. At The Bridal Finery, we are quickly approaching our third year anniversary! Although the boutique is new, its owners Tali and Roberta have 25 years of combined experience styling brides and bridal fashion. Their advice about buying a dress will be invaluable; they truly know everything there is to know about wedding fashion!

How can you locate your gowns?

At The Bridal Finery, all of our dresses are sourced directly from designers and boutiques. Each dress is hand-selected for quality assurance; our made-to-order collections are created in partnership with designers while Nowby TBF provides off-the-rack collections that can be taken home the same day you purchase them from one of our local couture boutiques.

Are there other Bridal Store out there trying on dresses at the same time as me?

Experience a private bridal appointment like no other with The Bridal Finery! When you book an appointment, our doors will open just for you and all your guests to browse through our collection and have your dress styled by one of the owners! With two hours allotted for celebration and not having to rush, this experience is intimate and personal!

When should you start shopping for a wedding dress? Is there ever too early or too late?

No wedding day is ever too soon. With our extensive customizations, it’s essential to allow for any necessary modifications ahead of time. Having extra time on hand ensures everything is ready for the big day.

Every bride has a reason for shopping for her dream wedding dress, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Reach Out to Us We are available to assist you, so ask us any questions so that you won’t have any unnecessary anxiety when selecting your dream dress.

How long Do Alterations Take?

We suggest starting to customize your dress two to three months before your wedding date. This could include adding strap detail, sleeves or lowering the backline – some adjustments take time. If you don’t want to customize, standard alteration services such as adding a hem, bustle and taking in sides are available; they take two months on average but offer rush options with two week turn around times.

What silhouette works best Bridal Store for each body type?

At Our company, we don’t believe in categorizing people based on their body type. Your individual style should always take precedence over any other consideration. What are your go-to places for shopping for clothes? Are v-necks more comfortable for everyday wear than higher necks? Do you prefer wearing trendy colors or neutrals for your wedding dress? High quality wedding dresses are stunning, and at our boutique you can focus on what flatters your personal style rather than what looks best on others. Plus, all our dresses fit perfectly – though there are certain silhouettes that work well for everyone. A ballgown can be intimidating to pull off, but it is something you should try. We will assist in selecting the perfect dress that flatters your figure without trying to shape it like different fruits – pear-shaped! Your silhouette will be totally unexpected by this stunning gown!

How should you select bridal accessories?

At our shop, we believe in showing our clients all of their looks. Once you find the perfect dress, we can create three looks using accessories to complete it. Photos are all about style! There are over 500 choices to choose from so take time to look around until you find what works best for you. If working in pieces is more your style, we are more than happy to help schedule additional appointments! Whatever works best for you – let us know and let’s make it happen!

Do I Need to Bring Anything with Me When Attending My Appointment?

No need to bring anything with you – we provide Spanx and bras as well as pedestals and beverages. Just don’t arrive hungry; make sure you get at least a snack beforehand. For your wedding day, if your hair is pulled up in a ponytail, we can pin it into an elegant low bun for added effect. With so many great hair styling options available on your big day, style your locks to look gorgeous!

Do you have an in-house seamstress Bridal Store?

Yes! All fittings for alteration are coordinated by The Bridal Finery through their seamstress at the boutique. We would appreciate it if you would take time out of your appointment to walk the seamstress through what was discussed during your initial visit with us – like having another set of eyes and ears working together towards making sure everything fits perfectly! All necessary fittings will be coordinated by us.

What Should You Look Out For When Shopping for a Wedding Dress?

Find your ideal wedding dress! We make this process effortless; you have complete control over how many items you purchase and we are more than willing to work together towards finding it! Just remember: be open-minded and we will find it together!

How many guests should I invite?

We suggest inviting no more than 2-3 guests for an intimate celebration. Everyone’s needs and style vary, so do what works best for you and your group. For some people, 3-4 people is enough; while for others it may not be. Do you prefer making big decisions in small groups or do you prefer more independence when making decisions? Never feel pressured into inviting a large group – let us help locate your dress and order it so you can share it with everyone later!

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