Tips for “Model Photography”

    Professional photographers need more than a Nikon or Canon camera and a session to bring your vision to life. A subject is essential – especially if you are a fashion or lifestyle photographer. How do you find the perfect for portrait or fashion model photography?

    Model agencies are often used by fashion photographers to find models for photo shoots. They also conduct casting calls. Agencies can be costly and may not be willing to work with a beginner photographer. It’s better to avoid professional models, who may also require some experience. This will keep your studio model photography credit card costs down.

    Amanda Diaz, a fashion photographer, is very familiar with model-scouting. Amanda has spent a lot time making people look beautiful – so stunning that you might be surprised to find out that they aren’t the model photography paid by agencies. Amanda’s portfolio of portrait photography was built by her ability to find everything she needed, from outfits to set pieces to clothing to models. She shared quick tips during her CreativeLive course, DIY Fashion Photography. These included how to find talented models who are easy to work with and often bring something extra to a shoot.

    2. Scour Modeling Facebook groups Model Photography

    You’ll find models in model photography groups on Facebook who are usually freelancers and not-agency models. However, they can do the job and do it well.

    Amanda says, “These girls don’t belong to an agency because their height is a bit too small. But some of my most memorable shoots have been with non-agency girls.” Modeling agencies are strict and have high expectations. It can also be expensive to join. This is why people who want to model or work in fashion photography turn towards these groups for exposure. Non-agency models can have a different look to traditional model photography which can help make your photo shoot stand out.

    2. Look for talent through established Model Photography Networking sites

    Amanda recommends model networking sites if you don’t feel comfortable browsing Facebook or you want more information about the models before booking them. They offer more background and are more reliable than Facebook.

    3. Ask your Friends

    Have friends? You’ll have models. Amanda says, “Ask your friends if they are models. It’s great practice for working with real models.”

    You can practice directing people with friends before you move on to working with models. This is particularly important if fashion photography is your main job. Amanda warns that even if you get lucky and an agency says you can work with their models (which they may), if they don’t like the photos you won’t get them back.

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