Romantic Outdoor okoboji wedding Packages

All your fantasies will come true because guests arrive the pristine grounds of The Oakwood Inn to your amorous Iowa wedding or elopement. The expansive estate, situated near weddings around Okoboji, provides a scenic backdrop for every unforgettable moment. Elegant and total with lovely gardens this is the best place for the Iowa outdoor wedding. We provide multiple wedding packages that will assist you personalize your special moment!

Platinum Tent Package

Reservation of the reasons for wedding prep, ceremony, and pre-/post-wedding occasions includes: courtyard, gazebo, fire pit, patio, lemonade porch, dining area, and also The Den. A 30×60 draped pole tent is built from the courtyard.

Interior kayak décor is provided and includes: round or rectangle tables using floor-length linen, white or natural wood cushioned chairs for up to 100 individuals, and floor-length linen for your buffet, dessert, drinks, and cake tables.

Gold Garden Package

Reservation of the reasons for wedding prep, ceremony, and pre-/post-wedding events comprises: courtyard, gazebo, fire pit, patio, lemonade porch, dining area, and also the Den.

White or natural timber cushioned chairs for up to 100 individuals are Included for the service. The kitchen is open to some pre-approved caterer from 10 a.m. — 10 p.m.

Silver Ceremony Package

Reservation of the Oakwood Inn gazebo for 3 hours to get a wedding service for up to 100 guests. Contains natural or white wood cushioned seat rental.

Bronze Fireplace Package

Reservation of The Oakwood Inn dining area and the Den to get a wedding reception and ceremony for 4 hours to get up to 30 guests.

Event Guidelines

Guest presence is limited to 100 individuals. Kids are welcome with complete facility rental. Event actions must resolve by 10 p.m. Caterers needs to be pre-approved. A photography launch could be deemed necessary.

All guest rooms should be rented daily before and the day of the wedding to the Gold and Platinum Packages. A minimum of 5 rooms should be rented for the day of their wedding to your Silver and Bronze Packages.

Parking is available for guests staying overnight in the Oakwood Inn. The rest of the guests have to be shuttled from a different place.

Wedding manipulation is available in the Innkeepers to get a handling fee. Including arrangements to get a secretary, rentals, linens, flowers, along with other sellers.

Elopement Package

The gazebo below the oak savannah is the best spot to have a romantic wedding service for all those couples seeking to elope. The Innkeepers can arrange everything, including the officiant, bride’s bouquet, background audio, and a champagne toast for as many as four individuals. The King Suite is going to be booked and a personal wedding dinner will be catered only for the both of you.

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