When should you sign your marriage license?

By GeraldOchoa

While your ceremony and reception are important, a signed marriage licence is essential to legally complete the union. It is crucial that this document be signed with the correct witnesses at the proper time. We’ll answer some common questions about signing a marriage license to help you make sure your nuptials are legal.

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When is the best time to sign your marriage license

Many couples sign their marriage licenses right after the ceremony. However, it is not impossible to forget about the celebrations. Most states allow you to file your certificate within 30-60 days of the date you pick up the paperwork. Most couples pick up the paperwork about a week before their wedding. They sign it after the ceremony and have the officiant mail it to them the next week.

What other activities should be coordinated to sign a marriage certificate?

Your officiant and witnesses must sign the marriage license together, since they will also be signing it. A lot of couples choose to have their siblings or close friends sign the marriage license. This is often because they are confident that their witnesses will be there for them throughout their lives.

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What is the story about destination marriage licenses?

The majority of destination weddings don’t require that their marriage be recognized in the place they are getting married. Therefore, their destination ceremony is not legally binding. Many couples choose to have a civil ceremony at their home to get their local marriage license. Then they tie the knot in a religious or spiritual ceremony in their chosen destination. It can be expensive and time-consuming to obtain a legally binding marriage certificate outside of the country. The union will still need certification at home. Adding a foreign certificate generally complicates the process.

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How are Ketubah sign-ins handled?

According to Jewish tradition, the Ketubah is signed before or during the ceremony. The Rabbi and two Jewish witnesses would sign it. Although it isn’t legally binding, the Ketubah is a symbolic agreement between the couples and is used often within their religious communities to confirm their marriage.

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What should we do if our marriage license is not signed at the wedding?

The paperwork usually takes a few weeks. This will allow you time to gather your witnesses and officiant together before sending it in. It’s best to avoid this by creating a schedule with your officiant, in which you sign the certificate immediately after the ceremony. Then let him/her manage the mailing. The state requirements for the filing of the documents are quite strict. Make sure you get confirmation from your officiant.