The Philosophy of Time Travel

By GeraldOchoa

These pages are from Roberta Sparrow’s fictional book “The Philosophy of Time Travel”. These pages contain crucial information that will help you understand the movie and the rules of the Tangent Universe.

The Philosophy of Time Travel Foreword

For their support, I want to thank the Sisters of Saint John Chapel in Alexandria Virginia. They are, by the grace of God:

  • Sister Eleanor Lewis
  • Sister Francesca Godiani
  • Sister Helen Davis
  • Sister Catherine Arnold
  • Sister Mary Lee Pond
  • Sister Virginia Wessex

This book’s purpose is to serve as a quick and simple guide during times of great danger.

  • I pray this is only fiction.
  • The Tangent Universe

The Primary Universe is full of danger. Natural disasters, war, plague, and famine are all common.

All of us will be subject to death. The Fourth Dimension of Time is a stable construct, though it is not impenetrable.Incidents when the fabric of the fourth dimension becomes corrupted are incredibly rare.If a Tangent Universe occurs, it will be highly unstable, sustaining itself for no longer than several weeks.

It will eventually collapse on itself, creating a black hole in the Primary Universe that can destroy all of existence.

  • The philosophy of time travel Water and Metal 
  • Water and metal are the two key elements to Time Travel.

The Artifact and the Living

The Vortex is the most obvious sign that a Tangent Universe has happened. If an Artifact is found, the Living will seek it out with great curiosity.

Metal artifacts can be made from it, such as an Arrowhead forged from ancient Mayan civilizations or a Metal Sword forged from Medieval Europe.

As their appearance on Earth seems to be beyond logic, artifacts that are returned to the Primary Universe are often tied to religious iconography.

  • The only possible conclusion to the Artifact’s appearance is divine intervention.
  • The Living Receiver
  • The Artifact’s journey to the Primary Universe is guided by the Living Receiver.
  • Nobody knows why or how a Receiver will choose.
  • A fourth dimensional power is often granted to the Living Receiver.

These include enhanced strength, telekinesis and mind control as well as the ability to summon fire and water.

During his time in the Tangent Universe, the Living Receiver experiences terrifying visions, nightmares, and auditory hallucinations.

The Manipulated is the name given to those who surround the Living Receiver and will try to kill him.

The Manipulated Life 

The Manipulated Live are often close friends and neighbors to the Living Receiver. They will do whatever it takes to save themselves from Oblivion.

Ensurance Trap The philosophy of time travel

The Manipulated Dead will create an Ensurance Trap. The Living Receiver must ensure all humanity’s fate.

The Manipulated Dead

The Living Receiver is more powerful than the Manipulated Dead. A person who dies in the Tangent Dimension can contact the Living Receiver via the Fourth Dimensional Construction.

The Fourth Dimensional Construct is made from Water

The Manipulated Dead can manipulate the Living Receiver by using the Fourth Dimensional Construction (see Appendix B and A).

To ensure that the Artifact returns safely to the Primary Universe, the Manipulated Dead often sets an Ensurance Trap to the Living Receiver.

If the Ensurance Trap succeeds, the Living Receiver has no other choice than to use his Fourth Dimensional power to send the Artifact back into time in the Primary Universe before it collapses on itself.