Ultra-Lite “Viking Travel Trailer”

By GeraldOchoa

The Viking travel trailers were designed for families with limited budgets. They offer a family camping option that is affordable without sacrificing the quality or comfort of full-size units. The Viking travel trailer weighs in at approximately 2500 lbs. It is easy to tow and can be pulled by larger vehicles. Camping is redefined by the Viking.

The Ultra Lite Viking travel trailer is a popular RV type. These RVs are classified based on their weight of less than 3,000 pounds. They can still have all the amenities you need. Let’s take a look at these incredible RVs to see why so many people love them.

Ultra lite campers are lighter than regular sized RVs and can be towable by smaller vehicles. To tow a heavier model, you’ll need a large, gas-guzzling truck. Ultra lites can be towable by SUVs, crossovers and minivans.

This is only the beginning of the savings that you will enjoy when you buy an ultra-light Viking travel trailer. These campers are easy to tow and provide better mileage. You will burn less fuel and save gas.

We currently have many options in the ultra-lite category. The Viking Express Series 9.0 Folding Camper Pop-Up. It is very compact and only 663 pounds. You can still enjoy the safety and convenience of a travel trailer with a smaller vehicle.

However, not all travel trailers in this weight range will be small. The Keystone Passport is an example. There are 31 floorplans to choose from, so you can fit 4 to 10 people. You can also have options with 3 slides. It can be pulled by standard trucks and many other crossover vehicles due to its low weight.

  • You will love the ultra-light Viking travel trailer.
  • The Ultimate in Fun and Affordable

The Viking Ultra-light travel trailer was designed for the budget-conscious family. The Viking Ultra-light combines quality, fun, and affordability. The interior features include residential-grade flooring, Lumbercore cabinetsry, microwave, lighted range, mini blinds, and high-pressure laminate countertops. You’ll also find an exterior speaker system, exterior speakers, and a 1-piece radius window with tinted safety glass.