By GeraldOchoa

More brides opt for rustic-chic wedding planning. They aren’t looking for something flashy or glamorous, but instead they want to create a cozy atmosphere that emphasizes a sense of security and nostalgia. Country brides who wish to match their decor with their wedding boots day look often opt for cowboy boots over high heels. You might consider wearing cowboy boots as you walk down the aisle. Read on to find out more about this trend, and how to style it.


When paired with rustic-chic weddings, cowboy boots look the best. These weddings are often held in beautiful pastoral settings. Barns are becoming more popular as wedding venues. This allows couples to enjoy the tranquility of the country and use the barn as a backdrop for the big day. These vintage-inspired weddings often feature vintage-inspired elements. These whimsical weddings include barrels, wildflowers and hay bales. Some couples prefer to keep it simple, while others add a little glamour to these old venues. The rustic wedding can be made even more magical by adding fairy lights and chandeliers.


Cowboy boots are a great choice if you want a country-chic wedding. Wearing cowboy boots for your wedding has many benefits. They are extremely comfortable. Many wedding ceremonies and photo sessions are held outdoors. Many brides can’t avoid walking on dirt, grass, and gravel on the day of their wedding. Cowboy boots are easier to navigate on these unpredictable surfaces than high heels. Cowboy boots can be worn under any kind of wedding dress. They look vintage-inspired from head-to-toe when worn underneath a bohemian, breezy gown. You don’t have to wear them, even if you choose a traditional gown. Even if they want to appear like princesses, women want to feel “themselves.” You can let your personality shine through cowboy wedding boots under a formal gown, while still being a bride.


It’s not unusual for the bride to wear cowboy boots as part of her bridal look. This will tie together the look of the bridal party and allow the bridesmaids comfort. This is especially useful for brides who wish to wear cowboy boots at their wedding. While hers might be covered by her wedding boots gown, bridesmaids wearing shorter dresses can show off theirs all day. It can be fun for your bridesmaids to wear cowboy boots, and it is also a good idea to have them wear boots that are different from the ones worn by your bridesmaids. If the bride wears white boots, her photos will be more striking than if her bridesmaids have brown or tan shoes. Your photographer will have plenty of photo opportunities with a bridal party wearing boots, no matter how they are styled.