Hopedruid’s Character Analysis guide: “Chihiro Fujisaki”

By GeraldOchoa

Sorry guys, this is a little late. It was a lot more difficult to write Chapter 2 because of the way Mondo and chihiro fujisaki stories are. I had to be careful not to go on epic tangents about Chapter 2 and just talk about it in general. Although I don’t think I succeeded in my goal, I suppose the point was to ramble about characters. Hope you enjoy.

Let’s talk about Chihiro Fujisaki to show him our appreciation

Let’s start with the basics. Chihiro is kind. This is the essence of his character. It is refreshing to see how honest and straightforwardly Chihiro is. It’s a great example of how interesting characters don’t have to be “morally ambiguous”, even though morally ambiguous characters can often be interesting. The kid’s FTE was that he couldn’t hurt any fly. His compassion is unmatched by any other maid outfit character in the franchise. This is an important aspect of his character that feeds into the entire idea of his arc in the game. Chihiro Fujisaki is also very insecure. Chihiro, unlike many characters with low self-esteem and fragile self-esteem is very open about the little help he believes he can offer.

This is another aspect of his complex. He is similar to the starring character in chapter 2: he balances physical strength with character strength. Chihiro’s entire life has been told that he is weak because he isn’t traditionally masculine. He has been physically below average since childhood. It’s possible that he was even sick as a child. He was a lonely child who spent much of his time alone. Chihiro began programming to combat loneliness and boredom. Chihiro is once again a person who is obsessed with pleasing others.

We get many clues about Chihiro’s gender in the last FTE. Makoto states that Chihiro is in the most miserable state a man can be, and Chihiro seems particularly depressed, considering Makoto’s strength. Chihiro also stated something that will be discussed in the other sections of chapter 2. He wants to become stronger and must train with a man.

We all know the ending. Chihiro Fujisaki is found dead in the boy’s locker. We learn some things at the trial. 1: Chihiro Fujisaki suffered mangafreak from an inferiority complex as a result of bullying. Bullying of this nature is very common in Japan. Bullies often force bullies to live in complete isolation from their peers, with very little or no adult intervention to stop it. Chihiro was weak and feminine, which led to her bullying. 3. Chihiro was unable to escape the cycle of abuse. He wore female clothes in the hope that he would be able to pass himself off as a woman. 5: This made Chihiro’s problem worse. He was now a coward, dressed in girl’s clothes over everything.