Penny Hardaway Shoes: The Complete Timeline

    It’s difficult to describe Penny Hardaway shoes, what he meant for basketball in the mid-1990s and, unfortunately, what it could have meant about basketball history.

    Penny and her Orlando Magic team felt like the right choice to defeat the all-powerful Bulls in an era that was dominated by the Chicago Bulls, and Michael Jordan. The Magic were fun, young and dynamic. Penny was their leader, as well as a young Shaquille Oleal. A scorned Horace Grant was part of their solid core of role-players, having left the Bulls to go with the Magic. The clash of blood-red uniforms from the bulls with the electric blue of Magic was poetic.

    Memphis, Penny Hardaway Shoes

    Penny was a college player at Memphis State, now known as the University of Memphis. She was a star right from the start. Hardaway showed a level and versatility that was rare on the court. Hardaway was a 6’7″ and 195-pound combo guard that could pass, rebound, score, and handle everything. Over two seasons, Penny averaged 20 points per game, 7.7 rpg, and 5.9 apg.

    Penny wore Converse throughout college. To be precise, the Converse Accelerator RS1 High-Cut. These are the biggest kicks you will ever see. React cushioning was used in these kicks. React Juice, not React Foam (not kidding), was meant white halter tops to provide waterbed-like cushioning while you play.

    Penny with the Orlando Magic

    Penny was 3rd in the NBA Draft, behind Shawn Bradley and Chris Webber. He joined the Magic in 1993. In a huge deal for Chris Webber’s number one pick, the Warriors traded Penny to the Magic. Penny was a natural at the NBA. Over the course of his 82-game season, Penny would average 16 ppg. He also had a 5.4 rpg. 6.6 apg, and 2.3 SPG. Penny was fortunate to be able to enter the NBA at a great time. MJ had just announced his retirement before the 1993-94 season, leaving the Eastern Conference open for new talent and the NBA in search of a superstar.

    Enter Penny Hardaway Shoes .

    Penny rode two of the most iconic Nike Basketball silhouettes from the early 90s to the Playoffs during his rookie season: the Nike Air Swift (also a favourite of Scottie Pippen), and the Nike Air Prevail. Penny was not the only one to own the Prevail in NBA. Gary Payton, Reggie Miller and others used the Prevail to their advantage that season. They were featured in a classic series of Nike ads.

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