Use ‘LED’ Grow Lighting to Benefit Your Business

By GeraldOchoa

An LED Grow Light is essential for indoor gardening enthusiasts who want to grow plants strong and healthy. These are some things you should look out for when buying an LED Grow Lamp. Mars Hydro have been dedicated to providing economically feasible LED grow lights to cultivate food and medicinal plants to indoor horticulture farmers from hobbyists to professional, increasing yields and crop commercial viability through the use of top-quality components, research-based designs, and the latest technology.

LED fixtures that can be adjusted in terms of output spectrum

You need to know how to adjust the spectrum of light for different plants or seasons, as LED lights come with a range of colors.

The LED bulbs can be adjusted to match the season or flowering season. You can stimulate seasonal light changes to follow the growth cycle of your plant’s plants by changing the light output.

High power cooling system for the LED fixture

High-powered LED fixtures must be cooled just like CPU fans. The fixtures do not emit heat. They need a metal pad to allow heat to escape from the LEDs.

You will want to search for a fixture mounted on a metal-core printed circuit board (or MCPCB). This space-grade technology can operate at high temperatures.

A fixture with a circuit board mounted to an adequate heat sink. It should also have multiple fins.

The fins are used to help distribute heat faster on the circuit board. Having more than one fan will prevent any failures, such as damaging or overheating the fixture.

LED fixtures with a constant current driver circuit

The electronic current circuit converts AC power into the voltage and current the LED fixture can tolerate. The circuit drive can provide constant current supply and support the strength of the LED fixture with temperature changes.

What are the advantages of LED lights over other types? The LED light benefits can be best compared to other types of lamps.

These are just a few benefits of LED Grow Lights.

Design Efficiency

LED Grow Lights are known for their compact design. Grow lights of other types require more space and additional equipment in order to work effectively. Because LED lights are small and don’t require additional equipment, you can make better use of your space.

These lights are easy to move and can be moved around with the help of some lights that link together, so no extra cords are required.

Light Spectrum Optimization

LED lights allow you to fine-tune the light spectrum, ensuring that plants can grow at all stages of their life cycle. You can even focus energy on certain frequency bands. You don’t waste energy on light that isn’t needed. LED lights give plants the right kind of light they need to thrive.

Other lights can’t fine-tune the spectrum of their light so that you only get the light they produce.

Energy efficient

Another advantage of LED lights are their energy efficiency. LED lights can help you save a lot of money each month on your electricity bills. They are reliable and can help you save money on energy.

Long-term Use

They are also long-lasting. These LED lights can last for between 50,000 and 100,000 hours before they die. Similar lights will only last about 20,000 hours.

They run at a low temperature, so they don’t heat up the room and could cause damage to your plants.