How to plan a memorable “Vineyard Wedding”

By GeraldOchoa

A vineyard could be the perfect setting for your wedding, whether you are a wine lover or simply enjoy the idea of exchanging vows in beautiful surroundings. A wedding in a winery has its own set of pros and con’s, just like any other venue. We consulted an expert to help you plan your vineyard wedding.

There are many benefits to vineyard weddings. You can see beautiful views from the windows, enjoy delicious wine pairings and the possibility of sunshine. However, it is important to be prepared before you book your venue. When planning your vineyard wedding, you need to be aware of details such as sound ordinances and liquor laws. You can overcome these hurdles and still have the perfect wedding of your dreams. We even have tips for planning a sustainable winery marriage. Continue reading to learn how to plan a vineyard-themed wedding.

What is a Vineyard Wedding?

According to Meghan Magnasco of So Eventful, a planner in Healdsburg California, there is no standard for how a vineyard wedding should look. She tells The Knot that vineyard weddings can include a variety of events. These could be anything from a dinner under the vines to an elegant affair at a winery. The options are endless, so any couple can make their vineyard wedding a reflection of themselves and their next chapter. You and your boo have the ability to personalize your vineyard wedding.

What do you wear to a wedding?

The Knot believes that your wedding should be about you and what makes you happy. You can wear a colorful, beaded, or playful wedding jumpsuit on your big day. Addie Reed, senior consultant at Mira Couture, Chicago, agrees. “A bride-to-be can wear whatever they like to her wedding, regardless of the location, year, or other factors.”

Reese recommends a light, delicate wedding gown if you are looking for a particular recommendation. A fitted bodice is a good option, with a flowing organza and delicate Chantilly Lace for details. Reese suggests that you consider the weather when choosing a silhouette or beading style. Nobody wants to sweat in their wedding gown.

Reese suggests that a navy or light grey suit is a good choice for grooms and to-be-weds. These colors are also great for grooms’ stylish wedding parties. Reese recommends earthy tones for a bride’s bridal party. She suggests blush, rosey pink and sage. Reese suggests that you take advantage of the greenery, flowers, and natural beauty of the location.

Magnasco suggests paying attention to your shoes when you are finishing your vineyard wedding dress. She says that the terrain can sometimes be uneven and more rural so wearing heels and open-toed shoes is a good idea. She suggests that guests should be informed via invitations or websites about the venue to ensure they are prepared.