Miu Iruma: Danganronpa’s Cosplay Writer

By GeraldOchoa

Miu Iruma comes from Danganronpa, a videogame series. Danganronpa is a great game for those who like point-and-click, murder mysteries, and arguing in court. It’s a charming series. The main three games were played in one month. I highly recommend them.

Here’s a Picture of Miu Iruma in-game:

Black high-heeled boots (stiletto) Knee high boots. Black stiletto black knee high boots are a good choice if you don’t care about the details, especially the buckles.

White socks that are knee- or thigh-high. You get bonus points if the socks have stripes, but regular white socks will work.

  1. She wears suspenders and harnesses on her legs.
  2. Pink pleated skirt for schoolgirls
  3. Sailor fuku pink long-sleeve shirt with schoolgirl bow, collared sleeves and Sailor Fuku long-sleeve pink blouse.
  4. Harness under her bust and around her waist.
  5. Black gloves with metal washers and fingerless (?
  6. Black choker
  7. Barbed wire necklace
  8. A long strawberry blonde wig with an attached ahoge at its top
  9. Steampunk goggles
  10. Okay, that’s a lot for her. Let’s break it down into manageable pieces


I recently bought a pair black stiletto knee-high boots miu iruma. Shoes are rarely photographed. But if you want to make your own buckles, you can attach them to the boots as mini belts.


I recently bought a pair thigh-high white socks or tights. These sweater socks had a striped effect, but I couldn’t wear them with my shoes. Next time, I may try ribbed socks.

Miu Iruma Leg Harnesses

This one requires some handiwork, but it isn’t too difficult. I had no experience with leather, rivets, and tools prior to this project. I thought orange vans the work was not too difficult especially considering all the tutorials!


Since I didn’t want to make the skirt myself, I searched eBay for a pink schoolgirl pleated dress. It took me a while to find the right shade of pink for me. The majority of options offered a baby pink. However, I believe that if I had to redo this, I would choose a more muted pink.


To match the skirt, I purchased a long-sleeved pink shirt. I was able to find a drawing of her symbol and printed it. I then did some cutting and tracing for a screenprint. This symbol is circular with very few lines so make sure to cut it carefully. Screen printing is not something I have experience with so I traced the outline on parchment paper. After that, I taped the edges and trimmed the shape. I found tutorials online on how to paint shirts so I used them. To prime the shirt I used gesso (for a base), and black acrylic paint. Fabric paint is also an option, as it’s lighter and more suitable for fabric.

Miu Iruma Necklace

I searched on miu iruma for “barbed wire choker”. It should be long enough to wrap around your neck twice. Unfortunately, the color they sent was not right so I had to redo it.