Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen get married

By GeraldOchoa

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady may have had one of Hollywood’s longest relationships. They were married in February 2009. However, it has been not without its ups. On February 1, the legendary athlete and widely-regarded quarterback announced his retirement from the NFL. It’s not surprising that his successful career with the New England Patriots as well as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be remembered in history. Bundchen, a Brazilian-born supermodel, is regarded as one of the most successful (and influential) in the entertainment business. It’s Gisele and Tom Brady’s highly publicized marriage that continues to amaze the world. Here are some facts about their relationship.

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They communicate about problems

The athlete spoke with Howard Stern in April 2020 about his relationship with Gisele. The father of three opened up about the difficult times he and his wife faced in 2018 and how they managed to get through it. It all started with a note Bundchen wrote to Brady. Brady explained to the XM Sirius talkshow host that Bundchen didn’t believe she was doing her part for the family a couple years back. She felt that I would play football for the entire season, and she would take care the house. Then, all of a sudden it would end and I would be like, “Great, let’s get into my other business activities.” Let me get in my football training. She sits there, asking, “Well, when are we going to do things for our house?” “When are you going to send the children to school?”

To work out their differences, the couple went through marriage counseling together. Stern, 44-year-old Brady said that Bundchen’s note was a reminder of the time and that he keeps it with him to remind him to focus on other things. In a feature for The Players’ Tribune, he later wrote that he had reflected on the experience. “For as long I can remember, football and my career have been an extremely important part of my life. The time I spend with my family and my children is just as important and sometimes more rewarding than the time I spend with them. I also enjoy the joy of watching my children grow up. This means that I must always check in with my children and myself to ensure my priorities are correct. If they aren’t, then I need to adjust.

They express gratitude for one another

Brady shared his gratitude to his wife for their 11th wedding anniversary on Instagram earlier this year. He shared two photos in the post: one showing Bundchen outside Turks & Frogs (where they first met), and the second a recent picture of Bundchen and their two children.

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Brady captioned the post, “The first slide shows where we met and then the second is who we are today.” You have always held us up, and you love us like no other. We love you so very much back. Happy Anniversary, Love of My Life!

Bundchen shared an old photo from their Santa Monica wedding one year before they celebrated their 10th anniversary. “I cannot believe it’s been 10 years since our decision to live this life together… And what an incredible 10 years!” The supermodel wrote. There is no one I love more than my family and you. I am grateful for you being there with me on this journey and for all the hard work it took to make it so memorable. We wish to continue our growth together and walk side-by-side supporting one another for many more years.

They remember what’s important

The couple is likely to remain positive in difficult times by remembering what attracted them in the first place. Bundchen stated in numerous interviews that they met on a blind date in 2006.

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The Brazilian supermodel said that she knew her right away. “We met through a friend. “The moment I met him, he smiled at me and I thought, “That’s the most beautiful, charismatic smile that I’ve ever seen!”

The initial intention was to meet for drinks at Turks & Frogs in NYC’s West Village. But, the pair ended up talking for over three hours.

Bundchen stated that she had to return home for Christmas but didn’t want leave. “You know that feeling where you just can’t stop talking to each other? Since the day we met, we have never been apart without talking to one another.

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They were engaged in January 2009, and they got married one month later at their Santa Teresa home. According to Brady, their Santa Monica wedding took only 10 days to plan and was “perfect.”