Wedding to Blake Knight Was Full of Surprises

By GeraldOchoa

In 2011, Garrett Clayton had just moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams for acting. Between auditions and the Hollywood networking circuit, Clayton worked at a 24-hour diner that just so happened to “serve some of Hollywood’s most neurotic insomniacs,” he laughs. His future husband, Blake Knight, had just graduated college and was working a strenuous assistant job in San Fernando Valley, which led him to the same diner one night.

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Seven years of romance later, Knight decided it was time to go from “boyfriend” to “fiancé” in January 2018. He fittingly chose to pop the question on the glittering Black Diamond Beach in Iceland. The ring was custom designed by Knight with Justin Duance Jewelry and included one particularly thoughtful touch: the piece was sandcast from the sand of the very beach where he proposed.

Garrett Clayton & Blake Knight on Wedding Planning

The wedding was originally planned for 2020, but COVID threw a wrench into that date. “We ended up changing our wedding date three times,” Clayton reflects. “This was fine with us, but we were also surprised how much more difficult it was to lock down some vendors, who were likely overly cautious because of COVID and rightfully so, or understaffed. Sometimes I would place many calls with vendors, and email them, only to have them drop off and not get in touch again.”

Garrett Clayton and Blake Knight’s Wedding Album

The couple landed on a wedding at the Disney Family Estate erected by Roy O. Disney in the 1940s in L.A. “We’ve been friends of the Disney family for many years, and they graciously offered their beautiful lawn—which looks more like a Hawaiian paradise, with a waterfall and a working well—than any backyard,” says Knight. “It’s such a unique, expansive outdoor space especially for L.A., and we were very lucky to have the chance to get married there. The landscaping was green and lush, exactly what we needed for our garden party theme, and our friends even planted new flowers all over the yard to make our special day pop even more than it usually would have on the lawn.” Read up on their personalized wedding details below.

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There Were Snow White-Inspired Touches

With a wishing well on the grounds of the estate, the couple decided to lean into a whimsical Snow White idea. “Our planner had a really cute idea of letting our guests leave us wishes for our marriage,” says Knight. “Rather than having a traditional guestbook, we had three wishing jars set atop of the wishing well… One for our first anniversary, one for our fifth, and one for our 25th anniversary. Guests wrote their wishes on colorful bits of paper and added them to each jar—which we’ve now stored in the top of our closets so that we aren’t tempted to open them too early.”

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“It’ll be really fun to open them and read some of the more moving ones if we have a one-year anniversary party,” adds Clayton. “And I’m sure there are a lot of hilarious ones in there, too!”

The Dress Code Was Specific

Given the many pivots and changes they experienced during COVID, the couple didn’t want to add any pressure on their loved ones; therefore, they chose to abstain from having a formal wedding party. “We simply asked six of our closest friends to walk down to the altar before us,” says Clayton. “It was very chill and stress-free, which we know isn’t always how choosing a wedding party goes.”

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Alicia Silverstone Was Their Officiant

One of the biggest highlights of the wedding was that it was officiated by a special friend of the couple’s: ’90s icon Alicia Silverstone. The Clueless actress had never officiated a wedding before and she was ready to roll up her sleeves for the couple.