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It’s important to find ways to make your wedding guests laugh. If you consider your guests’ enjoyment and comfort, it shows you care about them and the effort they put in to attend your wedding. What are your guests most likely to recall? They’ll always remember your beautiful ceremony and first kiss. But they will also remember the delicious food. Wedgewood Weddings knows that the fastest way to win your guests’ hearts and minds is through their stomachs. We have set out to make wedding food more popular.

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Wedgewood Weddings has carefully created our wedding menus over the years. We offer options for vegetarians, vegans, meat-lovers, omnivores and meat lovers. You can customize your wedding menu to suit your taste and your guests’ tastes by choosing a package. You can choose from plated or buffet options, depending on the wedding package you select. This allows you to create an event that is truly yours.

Cremini Mushroom Chicken Marsala:

To make this dish, we lightly coat the chicken with seasoned flour, then quickly sear it to seal in the juices. This makes the outside crispy and crunchy. To ensure it is succulent and delicious when it arrives at your guests’ plates, we bake it in the oven. It is served with a deeply flavourful marsala wine and cremini mushrooms sauce, which give the chicken a rich flavor. It is rich and decadent, yet light. This dish is always a big hit with guests. This dish is great when paired with our oven-roasted salmon. The tarragon salmon provides a refreshing, light, and delicious contrast to the chicken.

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Panko Parmesan Crusted Chicken With Sherry Cream

Panko chicken is a classic wedding dish and our favourite! The chicken is seasoned with panko breadcrumbs and then fried in panko breadcrumbs. Finally, the chicken is baked in the oven to retain its flavor and crispiness. We top the chicken with creamy sherry sauce before it reaches the table. This will ensure that your guests receive a moist, juicy dish with rich, flavorful flavors. This option can be paired with any of the red meat dishes, as the cream sauce compliments the au jus and demi-glace.

Rosemary Garlic Herb Chicken

We brine the chicken overnight to add extra flavor and succulence. The aromatic herbs will give you lots of fresh flavor, as the name implies. This makes it super tender and full of flavor. This is the perfect wedding food for everyone, regardless of age.

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Piccata of Charred Lemon Chicken

We lightly dust the chicken with flour before sear it for additional flavor. This makes the chicken so tender that it almost falls off your spoon. Piccata is an Italian classic where chicken is cooked in butter, lemon, and parsley. To make the famous sauce, combine wine, capers, and butter in a saucepan. Next, add olive oil, butter and lemon juice to the pan. Season with salt and pepper. The charred lemon makes this a beautiful dish. This dish is loved by guests because it has fresh lemon, caper and white wine sauce. It’s light but full of flavor.

Chicken Cordon Bleu and Chardonnay Sauce

This classic baked dessert is a favorite! The layers are rolled and shaped to create a swirled inside. It is appealing to the eyes! To make the chicken breast tender, our team first rolls it with cheese and ham to give it that traditional spiral look. This almost guarantees flavorful chicken, cheese and ham in every bite. A crispy crust is added to the meat and cheese, and topped with creamy chardonnay sauce. Cordon bleu literally means “blue ribbons of excellence”, and it is a popular Swiss dish!

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Alaskan Cod with Grape Tomato Vinaigrette

Wedgewood Weddings’ signature fish dish is cod. Because it preserves the texture and moisture on a buffet, it’s an excellent choice for weddings. This dish is light and easy to prepare, which makes it a great choice for all ages. The sauce is light and fresh, with the cherry tomatoes adding a lovely touch. It’s eye-catching as a buffet or plated option, and is a good choice for carnivores and pescatarians.