What are the meanings the name OAXIS Entertainment

By GeraldOchoa

O: The meaning of O in the name OAXIS Entertainment is: You are open-minded. Great happiness is earned by honesty and truth, whether as a friend or lover. You must not be ruled by your heart but only your head. If you don’t modify your demands, selfishness can defeat plans. You should not be passive. Your recklessness can lead to misfortune. Love life is marred by fantasy and illusions. Your devotion will be rewarded. Flawed habits can lead to failure and bad luck. If you are in love with an idealist, it is important to take your time selecting your mates.

Your sexual interests are strong, but you’re also secretive and shy about your needs. You can redirect a lot of your sexual energy to making money or seeking power. It is possible to have prolonged periods of celibacy. You are passionate, compassionate, and a sexual lover. Your mate should have the same characteristics. Sex is serious business. You demand intensity and diversity in your relationships. You must keep your emotions in check.

OAXIS Entertainment

A: The name OAXIS Entertainment’s A stands for: It is possible to be quite quiet when you have something in your head. Energy and enthusiasm can inspire others. However, it is also susceptible to ill health. Irritation and “nerves” can cause financial and domestic problems. Unexpected events, shyness and engagement in new activities can lead to unexpected moves to faraway locations. You may travel widely and choose to live far away from your home. Your own indecisiveness could lead to you suffering. You can achieve ambition through skill and application.

X: The meaning of OAXIS Entertainment’s X is: You are conscientious, compassionate and considerate of others. Amazing talent combined with common sense. For success and fulfillment, combine merchandising and artistic talents. Engineering is a great profession, until an area is created for artistic talents. Writing is a hobby that will eventually prove its worth. Get out of your comfort zone and start a great career. Enjoy public speaking and a love of publicity.

You need constant stimulation because you bore quickly. With ease, you can manage multiple relationships at once. Your mind can’t be shut down. Talking while making love is a great way to express yourself. You can have love culture the most romantic relationships in your head.

I: The name OAXIS Entertainment is a translation of the meaning of I. It could refer to: You might be temperamental at times. Beautiful family life is the reward for your efforts. Contrasting sex can sometimes be a problem. Talent is your greatest love, and your greatest inspiration. Inconstancy can cause great suffering. Empathy and understanding of human nature are the best rewards. Physical desires may be affected by cleverness. Don’t confuse sensuality and love for family.

S: The name OAXIS Entertainment is spelled S. It means: You are open-minded. Talent is great but don’t overrate. You can achieve your greatest talent, and luck will be at your side. You are gifted and bring joy to the lives of others. You are a charming personality that can help others achieve success as well as your own. You can have a remarkable career and be flexible, which will provide for your old age. Don’t dream up unrealistic goals. Be realistic and make a career. You can have great vision but you must not forget what you already have. Be original, don’t waste talent or energy. Disorganized, articulate, and mean, get advice on all transactions.